Guyana’s High Commissioner to Canada wants diaspora to be ‘catalyst of change’


Keith George, Guyana’s new High Commissioner to Canada is urging the diaspora there to be a “catalyst of change” in advancing the use of technology in agriculture to ensure its sustainability and further help in the development of Guyana.

George, who is the former Ambassador to Suriname for Guyana, was speaking at a meet and greet event held at Guyana’s Consulate in Toronto on Thursday.

Canada has the second largest Guyanese diaspora and George told those in attendance to adopt strategies so they can assist and benefit the country’s development.

“What I ask is for you to be a catalyst of change by empowering would-be agents of technological change in Guyana’s economy,” George said.

He further urged the diaspora to consider a win-win situation where they not only introduce systems and products but also benefit by positioning themselves to be suppliers, especially in the area of agriculture.

He noted that Canada has made several strides in smart agriculture.

“If you direct your efforts at introducing technologies to some farmers in Guyana, I assure you that the benefits will multiply,” George stated. This he posited will also encourage youths to see agriculture as a career thereby building resilience in the sector.

He assured the audience that Guyana’s development of its oil and gas industry does not deter from its commitment to reducing climate change.

“We are firm believers in taking action to protect the world’s environment in combating climate change. Guyana has committed to a low carbon development strategy that ensures that our standing forest remains and that we earn from keeping it that way,” George related.

Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud said the purpose of the exercise on Thursday was to ensure that leaders of the diaspora community in Canada are aware of the new high commissioner and how he plans to carry out his duties.

“Mr. George brings considerable experience in diplomacy having served as our Ambassador to Suriname but also, he has a crucial position within the ministry of foreign affairs, particularly as head of our frontiers divisions which deals with the issues of borders with our neighbours,” the Foreign Secretary said.

He called for continuous engagement with the diaspora in Canada “particularly second and third-generation Guyanese” who can tap into opportunities and play a critical role in the development of Guyana.

“There is a clear mandate given to the High Commissioner to work very closely with groups,” Persaud said while urging that the diaspora equally support the Consulate and High Commissioner.

“I want you to look at constructive roles that you can play in supporting what is taking place in our country and also to support our staff here, to support our officers here in getting their work done so they can support you and be adequately prepared to represent our country,” Persaud said.




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