New diabetic centre at Lusignan complete, registration to commence next week


A new diabetic centre at Lusignan, which will bring relief to persons living on the East Coast of Demerara, is now complete and registration for patient use will commence as soon as next week.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony on Friday revealed that the centre will officially open following the registrations. The facility has a vast number of equipment specially used to treat diabetes and along with that, Dr Anthony said is a laboratory, x-ray machine and a section for physiotherapy for persons who may develop peripheral neuropathy.

“As of next week we will do a soft opening of the facility for persons who want to be managed at that Centre,” Dr Anthony said.

He said patients can start registering to be treated at the facility which has equipment and staff who are trained to provide a comprehensive approach to diabetic treatment.

“So we have a number of specialists who are there. They have been familiarizing themselves with the facility and environment there.” He said a nutritional counselor has been assigned to the facility.

Hundreds of people who suffer from diabetes will benefit from the center which was announced in the 2022 national budget and cost the government $35 million.

The East Coast of Demerara is undergoing massive infrastructural development, especially with the construction of health facilities. A new regional hospital at Enmore, ECD is expected to be completed soon. This will also be complemented by a children’s hospital to be built at Ogle, raising the standard and improving access to healthcare services for residents in several ECD communities.

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