Trini Tiger Rentals teams up with Hand-in-Hand to form local waste treatment company


One of Guyana’s longest-established Group of Insurance Companies – Hand-in-Hand – has teamed up with Trinidadian Tiger Rentals to form a local company that will be responsible for removing and treating hazardous waste in the oil and gas sector.

With a 5-year contract already secured with ExxonMobil and its co-venturers, the new company – Environmental and Technical Solutions Inc. (ETS) – has been in place for roughly six months now.

It was officially introduced to the public at an event at the Marriott Hotel, Kingston on Thursday night.

Tiger Rentals has had a presence in Guyana since 2011 and is considered a pioneer waste management service provider in the oil and gas industry.

Under the new company, staffed 100% by Guyanese, continued services provision will continue for emergency spill response, tank cleaning services and rental of certified cargo carrying equipment (CCE’s) as a full business solution.

Waste Treatment facility

During the launch on Thursday, Director of ETS Denis Latiff boasted of the company being the most advanced and experienced waste management company in Guyana.

He said on its own, Tiger Rental have been preparing for this before the local content law came to be.

He said the company has worked closely with the Environmental Protection Agency and has retained and sent local Guyanese staff to Trinidad for training and experience.

“I, 2018 Tiger already had 24 locals operating which constituted 80 percent of the overall staff… now we have 34 locals today operating, running, maintaining and managing the first hazardous waste company located at Gysbi Shore Base,” he said.

“We’ve come down joined hands with Guyana and hope it grows from strength to strength and we are grateful for our partners here, he added.

Meanwhile, the Guyanese Director and General Manager of ETS Shane Singh assured that the new company will continue to offer the premium suite of services similar to what was being offered by Tiger Rentals.

“We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology to safely collect, transport, treat and dispose of a variety of waste streams.” He said

Currently, the company has the capacity to drain various streams of wastewater, waste oils, drilling fluids, contaminated soils, and solids and byproducts from vessel tank cleaning and spill response cleanup.

The company plans to expand its range of services in the oil and gas sector and will continue to meet the needs of its customers.

Executive Director of Hand-in-Hand Keith Evelyn said the insurance group of companies was happy about the partnership.

He said with a strict banking and finance background, Hand-in-Hand jumped at the opportunity to diversify.

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