EPA says digitising permit, compliance and complaints process on the cards this year


See full statement from the Environmental Protection Agency below:


The EPA’s strategic focus for 2023-2025: In 2023, the Agency is strategically continuing its efforts to become a modern and effective environmental regulator.

The Agency will focus on leveraging cutting-edge science and technology, such as artificial intelligence and data analytics, to improve its regulatory compliance and enforcement efforts.

This will help secure a sustainable low-carbon development future for all Guyanese through effective environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity.

One of the key plans for the year is to digitize the permitting and compliance process, and complaints process, in order to make them more efficient and user-friendly.

The agency is also working on a revamped website and other communication tools to better inform the public and other stakeholders about its work.

In 2023 our focus will be on the following key goals:

The Agency’s Key Goals for 2023 include:

 An enhanced and effective environmental authorization process that prevents

adverse environmental impacts, protects human health, and supports Guyana’s

low-carbon development trajectory.

 A risk-based environmental compliance program that ensures regulated entities,

citizens, stakeholders, and partners understand their obligations and shared

responsibility, resulting in improved environmental performance.

 Polluters are held accountable and increased public confidence in the agency’s

ability to protect the environment through an effective enforcement program.

 Enhanced decision-making, actions, and guidance to the regulated community,

government, co-regulators, partners, and the general public through the

incorporation of cutting-edge science and technology.

 Organizational excellence by effectively delivering on strategic goals and annual

plans through motivated staff, high-performance culture, and appropriate

systems, tools, equipment, and support services by 2025.

 Effective implementation of obligations under the Low Carbon Development

Strategy 2030, key Multilateral Environmental Agreements, and the Global

Environmental Facility (GEF) to address biodiversity, climate change, land

degradation, and other key environmental issues.


Finally, the EPA is committed to working towards a sustainable future for Guyana and will continue to take steps to improve its ability to protect the environment and public health. The public can expect clear communication from the agency about its plans and progress throughout the year.

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