Stanleytown man nabbed with 63lbs of ganja after failed attempt to evade police


A Stanleytown, New Amsterdam man who took police ranks on a high-speed chase Friday night was eventually caught and placed in lock-ups after he was found with 63 pounds of ganja

Ranks from the Mahaica Police Station’s Anti-Crime Patrol carried out the arrest at about 22:50hrs.

The ranks were on patrol duty in the vicinity of Helena #1 Public Road at Mahaica, East Coast Demerara when they observed a black motorcar overtook several vehicles on the Mahaica Bridge at a fast rate of speed.

The ranks attempted to stop the motor car but it sped away. The police ranks pursued the car with aid of the siren and loud hailer, indicating to the driver to stop but he refused.

The vehicle instead sped into Jonestown and hit a utility pole at Belmont Mahaica

The driver of the motorcar lost control of the vehicle which ended up in a nearby trench.

The driver, Carlos Edward, 52, exited the vehicle and attempted to escape with two bulky bags.

He was arrested and the ranks proceeded to search the bags in his presence and found inside a total of nine (9) black plastic parcels and three transparent plastic parcels, with a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.

Edward was told of the offence and escorted to the Mahaica Police Station where he was placed into custody pending charges.

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  1. Matthew says

    Lets see if it was worth it;

    1) (1) motor car 2,800,000
    2) (1) utilities pole 1,800,000
    3) (63) lbs of ganja…….(value unknown)
    4) (4) years in prison …….(priceless).

    Nope…..not worth it.

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