UPDATE: Mothers drown during family outing to celebrate birthday


Two women, both mothers of three children each, tragically lost their lives Sunday afternoon during an outing at Feather Beach, Region Two.

Akeesia Tyrell, 24, of La Belle Alliance and Kawattie Lallbacchan, 25, of Anna Regina reportedly downed at about 15: 00hrs.

Tyrell was supposed to celebrate her birthday on Monday and the family planned the lake trip for Sunday. Lallbacchan joined.

One of Tyrell’s cousins Meeksia Simon related that everything happened very fast.

An alarm was first raised that the women were missing and after hours of searching, they were both found and pulled from the water.

They were pronounced dead at the Suddie Public Hospital.

When the News Room visited the Suddie Public Hospital, family members were traumatized and were left to console each other. The husband of the deceased Tyrell,  Joel Li, was crying uncontrollably.

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