From sexual offences to oil production, Nandlall announces ‘aggressive’ law agenda for 2023


This year, the government hopes to pass several new pieces of legislation catering from sexual offences to oil production, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandall announced on Friday.

The new legislation expected, Nandlall said include: a Landlord and Tenant Bill, an Evidence Bill, a Combatting of Trafficking Bill, a Border Patrol Bill, an Electronic Communication and Transaction Bill, a Sexual Offences Bill, a Gaming Bill and a Petroleum Bill.

Additionally, other previously announced or tabled Bills will receive the House’s attention. That includes the Single Window for Construction Permits Bill, the Family Violence Bill and the Public Health Bill.

New legislation for the judiciary and criminal procedures will also be pursued.

New legislation will be rolled out in a bid to bring Guyana into compliance with its international obligations, Nandlall added.

Further, he said that the government will work on its legal compliance measures required by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), a body focused on countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

As he listed the raft of new laws to be tabled in the National Assembly this year, the Attorney General said that the government is aggressively pursuing these new laws to facilitate its development plans.

In 2022, Guyana set a new regional record for the most Bills passed in one year. A total of 25 Bills were passed.

But new laws are not the only aim of Nandlall’s ministry in 2023.

He said new courts will be constructed across the country to facilitate easier access to the judicial system. The government is also working on setting up the forthcoming local law school and training special prosecutors for cases at the Magistrate’s Court.

Nandlall made these announcements as he participated in the Budget Debate on the 2023 National Budget.

According to him, the provisions for the legal sector, and other spending, signal the government’s commitment to its manifesto promises made ahead of the March 2020 General and Regional elections.

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