‘We don’t gaff and bluff’ – Walkways coming for Linden; mechanical hub to be developed


By Isanella Patoir


The construction of walkways in all communities in Linden will commence this year and is expected to greatly enhance the lives of the residents in these communities.

President Dr Irfaan Ali revealed on Friday that the walkways are separate for several infrastructural developments to be done in the mining community.

During an impromptu visit to Christiansburg in Linden on Friday, the Head of State also revealed that Linden will be developed as a mechanical hub to serve the hinterland areas.

“We are going to work on a particular area that will able to provide mechanical services so that it can service the hinterland,” President Ali revealed. Linden is the gateway to several hinterland communities.

President Dr Irfaan Ali interacting with residents of Linden (Photo: Office of the President/January 27, 2023)

President Ali said while the Linden Hospital and schools will be enhanced, and roads will be built, he wanted to speak about community development and “how do we not miss the small important things.”

The President added: “It is not only the roads, the schools, the hospitals and the beautiful buildings, it is about creating a mindset that is positive, a family that is stronger, your own ability to want to do better.”

On Friday, the Head of State committed to fix every single playground or sporting facility where a school is utilising it this year.

He explained that the community walkways that lead to a public school or building such as a health centre will be prioritised.

It was noted residents of the areas will be employed to do these footpaths.

“Everything I am telling you here, delivery will commence in the next six weeks,” the Head of State said.

Additionally, next week, a team of government ministers will return to Linden, walk the streets, meet with the people and develop a work programme for the walkways.

“We are going to do every community footpath.”


In response to a Christiansburg resident commending the President and his government for engaging and working with “people from the ghetto”, President Ali said Guyanese must change their mentality.

“I don’t want us to believe we are from the ghetto, nobody is from the ghetto, there is no place like ghetto, we have to fix every ‘toe’,” President Ali said to resounding applause from those in attendance.

Keith Ferrier, another resident also commended the government’s efforts to develop Linden by offering scholarships, housing to young people and enhancing healthcare.

Residents of Linden during the meeting with President Dr Irfaan Ali (Photo: Office of the President/January 27, 2023)

“I was once a man that was against your government, but I am telling you have my undying and profound support. Long live the PPP!!!” Ferrier said.

Meanwhile, Victory Valley resident ‘Jumbie’ thanked the President for the recent completion of walkways in the community and proceeded to sing a song about the pollution of a local creek.

To this end, President Ali said “regardless of which community you are from, regardless of how you feel, this is a government for every single Guyanese, we are here because we care.”

‘We don’t gaff and bluff’

Another resident highlighted that there are limited job opportunities in the community and said he can identify 100 unemployed men.

“I am challenging him now to bring the 100 men, we are ready to hire them, we have a housing programme that we are ready to deploy the labour, we don’t gaff and bluff,” President Ali stated.

The Head of State said every initiative is targeted to bring about opportunities for the people of Guyana. He further committed to establishing smart classrooms in schools following an assessment of each school.

Meanwhile, the President launched a new programme where starting in February, a team from the Office of the President will be visiting all regions across Guyana.

President Dr Irfaan Ali interacting with residents of Linden (Photo: Office of the President/January 27, 2023)

The programme will see the team visiting each region for a period of two days.

“Non-stop, one-stop, first class service that is what we will do,” President Ali said to loud applause from residents.

President Ali has been consistently visiting communities across Guyana to meet directly with residents, listen to their issues and concerns and implement on-the-spot solutions.

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