Amid growing interest, more UK Gov’t Ministers to visit Guyana this year


The United Kingdom (UK) is keen to promote its relationship with Guyana amid growing interest at the political and business levels.

To this end, yet to be named Ministers of the British Government are expected to travel to Georgetown this year.

The UK’s Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Envoy, Rebecca Fabrizi, departs Guyana Monday following a five-day visit but in an interview moments before jetting off, she told the News Room that the UK will continue to make efforts to increase cooperation.

“We have a really great relationship with Guyana and we want to always work on it, we don’t want to rest on our laurels,” Fabrizi said.

UK’s envoy of Small Island Developing States (SIDS), Rebecca Fabrizi (Photo: News Room/January 30, 2023)

Responsible for the UK’s bilateral relationships with Caribbean countries including Guyana, Fabrizi said she wanted to see the situation on the ground.

“…so, it was really important to come and speak with politicians and local groups and to talk about our policy for SIDS,” she noted.

Likewise, plans are afoot for some ministerial visits this year.

“We are awaiting confirmation but definitely our Ministers are interested in Guyana and the opportunities,” the visiting UK official stated.

She believes it is an interesting time for Guyana with opportunities abound but said associated challenges are also driving some interest.

Speaking directly about the UK’s SIDS policy, Fabrizi said the UK has recognised structural vulnerabilities and stands ready to support SIDS facing limited access to financing and the complications for the importation of goods including price fluctuations.

“We are already working and looking at how we can enact the Glasgow climate pact to help these vulnerable countries in deciding on the allocation of finance and altogether ensuring that global and climate mechanisms work better for SIDS,” Fabrizi added.

During her visit, Fabrizi got an opportunity to engage President Irfaan Ali and several other ministers including Dr. Ashni Singh, Hugh Todd, and Juan Edghill along with civil society groups.

She believes her visit has impacts at both the political and business levels. (Kurt Campbell)

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