Direct flights to Jamaica, more trade expected with deepening business relations


Jamaicans have a growing interest in Guyana’s booming business sector and key private sector players expect that direct flights between the two countries and more trade will come to fruition shortly.

This expectation was made known when a sizable Jamaican business delegation visited Guyana last week.

Vice President of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association Richard Coe (Photo: News Room/ January 24, 2023)

“There is an opportunity to create linkages in terms of exporting goods from Guyana to Jamaica and then to North America,” Vice President of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Richard Coe, told the News Room.

Coe posited that Jamaica’s Port of Kingston, arguably the largest such facility in the region, could facilitate the transshipment of goods from Guyana.

He, however, noted that such discussions are still developing with local port expansion plans now taking shape.

Beyond the trade of goods, Chairman of the Airports Authority of Jamaica, Mark Hart, said that Jamaicans are increasingly interested in direct flights to Guyana. And with more business ventures being pursued here, Hart believes this should be pursued.

Chairman of the Airports Authority of Jamaica, Mark Hart (Photo: News Room/ January 24, 2023)

“I think it would be very good if we can connect on a direct basis because that’s really the hindrance in terms of moving people back and forth.

“…as we become more tied together, there will be a greater need for direct flights. We’d love to see this happening in Guyana so let’s keep our fingers crossed and work at it,” Hart said.

Hart also talked up the Authority’s technical expertise in airport management and said the body is ready and willing to offer any assistance to Guyana’s airports if needed.

The recent visit was the second time in three months Jamaicans came to Guyana to scope out investment opportunities and deepen relations. Both times, the business delegation was led by Jamaica’s Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Aubyn Hill.

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