New day/night care centres coming as House clears $163M


New day and night care centres will soon be established as the Parliamentary Committee of Supply on Tuesday approved $163 million for capital spending at the Child Care and Protection Agency.

That sum caters for the provision of buildings and the payment of retention, the purchase of a vehicle and the purchase of furniture and equipment.

Specifically, $143 million is for the provision of buildings and the payment of retention, a significant increase from the $58.2 million allocated to this line item last year.

And Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud said this substantial increase caters for the construction new day and night care facilities.

While Dr. Persaud touted these facilities as “novel” ventures, Opposition Parliamentarian, Volda Lawrence questioned why the government is assuming the responsibility for day and night care. Lawrence, instead, suggested that support be given to private, licensed businesses.

“…the intention is to meld with the skills through the Women Innovation and Investment Network (WIIN) programme, encouraging them to form consortia and do exactly what you are saying.

“But we have to produce models that they can follow,” Dr. Persaud said.

Assistant Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency, Levine Gouveia recently told reporters that parents, especially low-income single parents, will soon benefit from much-needed childcare support as the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security will establish night care centres in 2023.

According to her, these night care centres will function similarly to common daycare centres. Essentially, parents will be able to leave their child or children in the care of trained professionals while they work.

And Dr. Persaud, on Tuesday, said the ministry will eventually back public/ private partnerships for the provision of these services.

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