With help from India, Guyana to establish vaccine treatment plant


Exploring the opportunities that exist between India and Guyana, the Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr K.J Srinivasa has confirmed a collaborative effort to establish a vaccine treatment plant to cater to diseases in humans and animals.

In a recent interview with the News Room, the High Commissioner disclosed that India has the ability to assist Guyana on its path to progress and development.

“We have a list of follow-ups to be done in the agriculture sector, agro-processing, health care. We are looking to get a vaccine plant for Guyana for animals and humans in collaboration with an Indian Manufacturing firm,” Dr Srinivasa said.

The diplomat did not provide more details about the vaccine plant.

But last year June, Guyana’s President Dr Irfaan Ali, stated his own intention to upgrade the country’s legislative and regulatory framework while investing in the necessary training and development research towards establishing a vaccine production facility.

He had noted then that part of the government’s development trajectory in diversifying the local economy is to invest in health care and education.

He had said the pandemic served as a valuable reminder of the inequality in the manufacturing and distribution of vaccines.

Meanwhile, India also has an interest in developing a long-term agreement for the supply of Guyana’s oil. President Dr. Irfaan Ali recently led a delegation to India and announced that the South-Asian country is expected to soon send a proposal on its interests.

As the relationship between the two countries expands, the High Commissioner said India is going to support Guyana in many other areas of training.

“We are going to work on the oil and gas, of course, but we will also work on training the people in oil and gas. We are also working on getting the research equipment for Information technology and renewable energy.

“I believe that the synergies are out there and the expertise is there in India and we will work with Guyana in this path to progress,” he said.

Already, the two governments are exploring the possible award of oil blocks directly to India, President Ali recently said. The Indian government and Indian private sector players have been invited to participate in Guyana’s auction for oil blocks this year.

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