Industry mechanic drowned – autopsy confirms


Kevin Singh, the mechanic whose lifeless body was found in a trench at Ogle Railway Embankment on Tuesday morning drowned, an autopsy performed on Wednesday confirmed.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) said they are investigating the death of Singh, whose body was discovered around 06:30 hrs.

The dead man’s son, Brandon Singh had previously told the News Room that relatives last saw him on Sunday morning.

He explained that it was a norm for Kevin to leave home for long periods and later return. Brandon added that his father would imbibe alcohol on a frequent basis.

On Monday morning, Brandon said that the family became worried after they realised Singh did not return home. As such, he said they searched and enquired from residents whether he was seen.

“We checked the bars. We asked the guard at the nursery school. She said she saw him crossing the bridge but she don’t know what happen after,” Brandon said.

At around 06:20 hrs Tuesday, his grandmother received a call informing her that Singh’s body was discovered in the trench.

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