Hunters shoot duo while attending BBQ at Canje


Two men were shot and injured at a farm located at New Forest, East Canje, Region Six early Monday morning.

The injured men have been identified as Luke Persaud, 41, and Rafeek Khan, 49; both men are from Betsy Ground, Corentyne.

The News Room understands that the injured men were imbibing with their employer and two other men, who are hunters, at a barbecue when an argument erupted.

Soon after, the two hunters opened fire, injuring Persaud and Khan in the process.

Persaud’s sister, Gail Persaud told News Room that her brother is responsive although admitted to hospital for observation. Persaud received injuries about his head.

The woman said her brother is employed at Devin Bissoon’s New Forest for several weeks.

Before this incident, Persaud said her brother and the other injured man decided to host a small barbecue with their employer.

While they were preparing the chicken, the two hunters joined them.

“He said they were having a little barbecue and preparing a chicken and the two guys they were up there and they take couple drinks with them and they start to behave bad, so the owner put them out.

“They had two guns and the owner take the guns and throw it out the yard and put them out and the one guy jump the fence and pick up the gun and start shooting,” the woman related.

When the men opened fire, Persaud and Khan reportedly ran for cover inside the farmhouse and locked the doors, bracing it with a chair to prevent the men from entering. The men continued to shoot at them.

“They bar the door and go in and lock up in the house and they put a chair behind the door and still they want to go in the house, they bruck down the landing and want go in the house and then dem start to shoot through the chair and the shot catch the other guy and the fragments pitch up on my brother face.”

The hunters then fled the scene and the police officers were subsequently contacted.

When officers arrived, a search was launched and the two men and the employer were arrested

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