Sonia Noel unveils African-inspired collection as she prepares for ‘best era’ of her career


By Kurt Campbell

A young girl from Bartica, Region Seven who came to Georgetown to follow her dreams, Sonia Noel now boasts of a fashion and design career that spans 25 years.

“It feels like the old new,” she said on Sunday as she unveiled the first pieces of a massive African-inspired collection to be developed this year.

Noel is now on a journey that fuses her passion with her faith. But even on the path of rediscovering herself, she believes the months ahead will form the best era of her career as she puts her inspiration on paper and then the sewing machine.

Fashion designer, Sonia Noel (Photo: News Room/February 13, 2023)

“In the last four years, there were moments when it felt dark, there were moments when I was unsure, a bit confused…I was like how can this be happening to me?”

A recent trip to the African continent has reignited lost passion in Noel who has devoted her life to helping people build their confidence.

Her new collection is one of love and intention and here is why.

“A year before COVID, I got a block I could not understand. Usually, I see the collection in my head before I put it on paper or the machine and it was difficult for me to do this four years ago.

“Every time I tried, nothing happened and so I had to tap into my faith and trust the process.

“Until I went to the continent of Africa, whatever was blocking, something shifted,” Noel explained.

She explained too that being in Africa and seeing the belief others had in her and the support for her talents, her creativity returned.

“It was like a light bulb went off and I knew it, I could feel it was back,” Noel said as she teased the Africans with her fusion of afro, indo and indigenous fashion.

“I started conceptualising the new collection…there are not enough words to describe how it feels. Sometimes I am in awe and I can only thank God.”

Noel is certain this year will be the best of her career. “The best is yet to come.”

Sunday’s gathering at the Tower Hotel, Main Street was only introduced to a snippet of the collection with a big show planned for later this year to showcase the collection.

“Today is a preview of the simpler stuff but you have the ones that are coming.”

The collection is also a tribute to Black History Month – an annual celebration of achievements by Africans across the world.

  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    very beautiful, very beautiful!! Ms Noel is a boss!

  2. Patricia Pierre says

    Well done Dr. Sonia Noel I am always backing you. Do keep up the good work as you move on fromfstrength,-to,strength. I was not hearing about you for a while and I wondered what had become of you but it is nice to hear about you once again.

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