‘I’ll miss my daughter forever’ – Babita Sarjou’s killers jailed


Sharnandand Narine, known as ‘Anand’ was on Thursday sentenced to serve 22 and a half years while his co-accused, Darel ‘Yankee’ Pronton, was jailed for 18 and a half years for the 2010 murder of Babita Sarjou.

Last month, Narine of Seaforth Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, and Pronton of Broad Street, Charlestown, were indicted for the capital offence before Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall at the Demerara High Court.

The duo admitted that between November 4-5, 2010, they murdered Sarjou, a mother of one. She was also Narine’s ex-wife.

Narine is represented by attorney-at-law Siand Dhurjon while Pronton is represented by attorney Nigel Hughes and associates.

Dead: Babita Sarjou

During the sentencing hearing on Thursday, Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Meena Rajkumar read their psychiatric evaluation report to the court.

In her testimony, Dr. Rajkumar said that Narine has a manipulative personality trait, while Pronton is an introvert.

In his probation report, Narine said that he lost his freedom, while some of his relatives have distanced themselves from him as a result of the embarrassment and fear of discrimination by society over Sarjou’s death.

The probation officer, who presented the report, said that persons from Narine’s community said that he was physically abusive towards Sarjou.

In Pronton’s probation report, the social workers said that his family was always skeptical of Singh since he never seemed “genuine.”

Meanwhile, Sarjou’s mother, Champa Seonarine, 65, said that the trial had awakened some tough memories.

“I cried every day and presently crying while giving my statement. I’ll miss my daughter forever. I must state that life is not the same for me and hope I get justice,” the woman said in court.

Dhurjon, in highlighting mitigating factors, said that Sarjou and Narine had a “toxic relationship”, and she was “financially parasitic” towards him. He alleged that Sarjou threatened to kill Narine for insurance money.

Meanwhile, Narine, while addressing the court, begged the victim’s family for forgiveness and told the court that he attempted to kill himself after taking the woman’s life because he was disgusted by his actions.

Babita Sarjou’s ex-husband, Sharnandand Narine

“Society was left in disbelief when they heard of what transpired. Being in prison, I learned to be calm and a God-fearing person.

“I kept praying for Babita’s family for health and strength that one day that you all can find in your heart to forgive me.  I beg for your forgiveness…I was wrong, I made mistakes- a mistake that caused a life. My foolish actions didn’t only cause my only son to suffer his entire life without a mother, but also years away from his father,” Narine said.

The State Prosecutor called out Dhurjon for his “failed attempt to defame” the victim since the couple’s relationship had a history of domestic violence.

“His (Narine’s) show of remorse is part of a tactic to get a favorable sentence. His actions do not demonstrate as someone who is remorseful,” the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor further urged the court to consider the high rate of domestic violence against women in Guyana and the need for a strong message to be sent to like-minded offenders.

Sarjou’s mother, Champa Seonarine

Justice Morris-Ramlall, in her sentencing remarks, said that Sarjou’s life was not only snuffed out by Singh, but he is now attempting to “play God.”

She highlighted that this was done in the presence of their son, who was watching ‘Barney’ while his mother’s lifeless body was in the vehicle.

“There is no justification for perpetuating violence against women,” the Judge said.

Taking all of the foregoing into consideration, the Judge sentenced Narine to 22 and a half years and Pronton to 18 and a half years. Time spent on remand will be deducted from their sentences.

Meanwhile, the State plans to appeal the sentences on the grounds that it is not adequate.

The New Room had reported that on November 4, 2010, Sarjou reportedly left her Timehri, East Bank Demerara home, informing her mother that she was going to meet her husband and their son at the Kitty Seawall to view the annual Diwali motorcade.

When she did not return home that night, her mother became worried and filed a missing person’s report.

After many months of searching and treating the case as a missing person, the case was eventually closed. However, in 2016, with new information, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum re-opened the case, treating it in this instance as a homicide.

As a result, Sarjou’s estranged husband was further questioned and he subsequently led the investigating team to a shallow grave that had been dug in his own backyard.

Further probing also revealed that Narine had paid Pronton $50,000 and had promised him a trip to Trinidad if he killed Sarjou.

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    These sentences! Ugh!
    First of all the person who did the actual act has to be punished MORE. The mastermind has to get a slightly less sentence. It doesn’t matter that he is the mastermind. He didn’t do the physical act.

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