School tours must be done at acceptable places- Education Ministry


The Ministry of Education, on Friday, issued a memorandum to Regional Educational Officers and the Principal Education Officer stating that school tours must only be done at acceptable or usual locations or places.

See below full statement from the Ministry of Education:

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has observed that some schools are conducting educational tours to locations/places that do not contribute to better student outcomes. With immediate effect, the Principal Education Officer and all Regional Education Officers must implement the following:

  1. Withdraw all permission granted for visits and tours to places outside the accented and usual tour destinations. If you have any doubt about what those places may be, please contact the Office of the Chief Education Officer by email (
  2. For each permission granted henceforth, you are to state in writing that “any amendment to the approved list of places to be visited will result in disciplinary action being recommended against the Head teacher and all teachers on the school tour.”

Please note:

  1. The MoE will not accept any excuse for a breach of this directive such as, “1 didn’t know.”
  2. If you have already granted written permission for a tour that is yet to be conducted, you are to immediately do an addendum to that permission and ensure it is delivered and signed for by the Head teacher.
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