Essequibo man, 27, stabbed to death by teenage wife


A 27-year-old man died on Sunday after his wife allegedly stabbed him to death at Macknab, Lima Sands, Essequibo Coast.

Dead is Anthony Shivlall, called ‘Davie’, of Lima Sands; the 18-year-old wife has since been arrested and has reportedly admitted to the murder.

Police Headquarters reported that the incident occurred at around 02:00hrs hours after an argument between the couple who attended the birthday party of the wife’s grandmother, Bernadine Williams on Saturday night.

According to the Police report, the grandmother said that the couple had an argument at around 17:00hrs after which the suspect left and went home.

Bernadine claimed that around 02:00 hrs, she was dancing inside her yard when she saw her granddaughter return, and she asked for her husband. Bernadine said she told her that Shivlall was inside the lower flat of the house.

The woman said her granddaughter went into the lower flat of the house, where she spent a while, which prompted her to make checks.

Upon checking, Bernadine said she saw Shivlall lying on the ground, and her granddaughter was over him. She was stabbing him with a knife to his chest area, after which she ran east of the lower flat, exited and escaped.

The Police processed the scene and examined the body. Detectives observed one stab wound on the victim’s left chest area, one stab wound to his lower right chest area, and one to his left hand.

Police, acting on information received, arrested the suspect at her mother’s house at Macknab. Police told her of the offence committed, cautioned her, and she admitted stabbing her husband.

Police escorted Shivlall’s body to the Suddie Public Hospital where it is awaiting a Post Mortem Examination.

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