Stolen businesswoman’s car found burnt


A car that was stolen from a No.2 Village, East Canje, Berbice businesswoman was found hours later completely burnt at Overwinning sideline dam on Monday.

The car, PYY 1184, was reported stolen to the Police on Sunday.

According to Bevon Alphonso, 37, she sold the car last year, however, after the individual failed to make payments, she repossessed it.

“We had an issue concerning this vehicle, in November. The vehicle was at the station for over three months so I got back the vehicle.”

The vehicle, she said, was parked at her premises up until Monday when she loaned it to a friend.

“I had given the vehicle to one of my friend yesterday to do some runnings and he left to go to the Chinese supermarket to buy coil and he leave the car parked on the opposite side of the Chinese.

“So, when he walk out back, the vehicle gone missing so then he had called me. We went to the station, make a report.”

Alphonso said she later received a phone call that the vehicle was found but was destroyed by fire.

She later managed to identity the perpetrator from security cameras as the same person who purchased the car from her.

The businesswoman estimates her losses to be $3.5 million. The car is a 2019 Great Wall.

Alphonso is calling for justice and stressed that “a man just can’t steal my vehicle and burn it, I need justice.”

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