PPP urges citizens to remove ‘barriers of division’ in Republic Day message


See statement below from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP):

On the occasion of Guyana’s 53rd Republic anniversary, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) expresses best wishes to all Guyanese, both at home and in the Diaspora.

Fifty-three years ago, the attainment of Republican status heralded self-rule. As we reflect, let’s renew our commitment to collectively work towards building a Guyana we all desire and to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood. Let us work towards removing the barriers of division, recognizing that we are stronger together, as we work to the collective aim of ‘One Guyana’.

Ours is a nation at a pivotal crossroads, one of growing pride and collective optimism ushering palpable manifestations of the dreams of our forefathers, through the visionary and transformational manifesto of your elected government, steadily charting a course for greatness.

Mashramani celebrates that which is achieved after hard work. There is indeed much to celebrate, as there is much hard work remaining.

We encourage all Guyanese to let Mashramani 2023 reflect an extraordinary degree of camaraderie and oneness, and let the spirit and vibes of the celebrations in every region permeate the society infinitely.

We are optimistic that the radiance of the colours in the costumes, the energy in the stage performances and parades, and the overwhelming display of Guyaneseness will carry through tomorrow, the day after, and beyond.

Happy Mashramani to all Guyanese! 

People’s Progressive Party/Civic

February 22nd, 2023

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