Three-Star Coach Blake to participate in IBA Cutman Technician Course in India


With an emphasis on empowering and certifying its technical officials, the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) will afford Three-Star Coach Sebert Blake the opportunity to participate at the IBA Cutman Technician Course, which is being conducted at the Women’s World Championship in New Delhi, India, from March 15-31.

Blake, who is part of a small cadre of three-star coaches in the Caribbean, is the first-ever Guyanese to attend such an important seminar, the Guyana Boxing Association said.

He will also serve as the trainer for Caribbean Junior champions, siblings Alisha and Abiola Jackman, at the prestigious competition. The rising stars were also successful at the recently concluded Patrick Forde Memorial Championship.

“The course is only eligible for officials affiliated to the national federation and who are already registered for the impending Women’s World Championship in the capacities of team coaches, doctors and/or physiotherapists,” the Boxing Association highlighted.

According to an official correspondence from IBA, which was signed by Development Officer Chris Roberts OBE, the primary objective of the course is the development the Cutman Technician in each national team which will provide the pugilists with the essential treatment to avert and manage injuries such as hematomas, lacerations and nose bleeds. It will also reduce hand injuries with the mastery of hand-wrapping techniques.

“The main objective of the course is to help develop our Cut Technicians and increase the pool of specialists around the world as well as to broadening the knowledge of coaches, doctors and physiotherapists about hand wrapping techniques and facial injury care of the athletes”, the release stated.

Guyana Boxing Association President Steve Ninvalle (News Room photo/October 21, 2021)

Following the removal of head-guards, IBA states that the importance of experienced cutmen to assist boxers cannot be understated. Thus, the world governing body crafted a course that will train and equip cutmen with the requisite aptitudes to prepare combatants before, during and after fights.

The examination process comprises four sections. Theoretical sessions will be conducted for one day, while practical training will last for the duration of half a day. Continuing in the same vein, the written examination will encompass a period of an hour, whilst half a day will be required for the practical assessment.

GBA President Steve Ninvalle said he anticipates that Blake will emerge successful from the arduous examination, which will equip him with the necessary knowledge to further aid in the development of the discipline.

“Similarly, his participation highlights the association’s unrelenting commitment to the development of not only its athletes but its technical officers, who are vital to the advancement and evolution of the sport,” Ninvalle said.

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