Marijuana farms destroyed in Berbice; farmer arrested with firearm, ammo


Members of the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guard on Wednesday conducted a successful drug eradication exercise at Ikuruwa Creek located in the Canje River, Berbice where marijuana farms were found and destroyed and a farmer arrested with a firearm and ammunition.

The exercise was conducted between 04:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs, during which the ranks discovered three marijuana farms with camps and a total of about 1,800 cannabis plants, ranging from five inches to two feet in height.

The ranks also discovered dried cannabis and cannabis seeds at the camps, with an approximate weight of about 250lbs.

The farms were eradicated, and the camps were destroyed by fire.

The gun and ammo (Photo: Guyana Police Force/ March 01, 2023)

The ranks also searched the home of a 67-year-old farmer of Ikuruwa Creek.

During the search, police ranks found a single-barrel 12-gauge shotgun and five12-gauge live cartridges beside his bed.

Police told the farmer of the offence committed, after which he was cautioned and arrested.

The farmer claimed that an individual (a name given) left the firearm with him for safekeeping.

That individual is being sought.

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