Police find hundreds of AK47 ammo at Kara Kara Creek


A bag containing 260 suspected AK47 rounds of ammunition was found and removed from Kara Kara Creek, South Amelia’s Ward, Linden on Wednesday by a party of policemen.

Between 16:00 hrs and 17:00 hrs, the police ranks received information that there were unknown persons at Kara Kara Creek with large bags.

As a result, the ranks immediately proceeded to the area to search for wanted persons, drugs, firearms and ammunition.

While searching the area, they observed trees amongst thick vegetation and one orange bag tucked away in a tree trunk.

The bag was opened and observed to contain a blue cloth bag with 260 suspected AK47 rounds of ammunition with the markings NK 1976 at the base.

The suspected ammunition was taken to Mackenzie Police Station, photographed and placed into self-sealing evidence bags, marked and lodged with the station Sergeant.

No arrest was made. The investigation is ongoing.

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