GFF Women’s Development League Playoff kicks off Saturday


Four exciting matches in Linden, Bartica, Essequibo and St. Cuthbert’s Mission will kick off the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Women’s Development Football League Playoff on Saturday March 4, 2023.


  • Pakuri Warriors vs New Amsterdam United in St Cuthbert’s Mission from 14:00h
  • Milerock Football Club vs Coomacka Football Club at Wisburg Secondary School Ground, Wismar, Linden, Region 10, from 15:00h
  • Essequibo All Stars vs Foxy Ladies at the Anna Regina Multilateral School Ground from 15:00h
  • Bartica All Stars vs Potaro Strikers at the Bartica Community Center Ground from 20:00h

GFF President Wayne Forde stressed that the league is at the core of the development of women’s football in Guyana as the Federation continues to focus on ensuring year-round football for female players.

“As we continue to build a more robust and consistent year-round football season for female football across Guyana, I would like to encourage the fans to come out and create the best possible atmosphere for our female players to shine and excel,” Forde said.

Twelve clubs, featuring senior and junior national players, will play in venues across Guyana over the next month, providing a platform to showcase players’ talent and inspire a new generation of fans and female footballers.

“A key strategic priority of the Technical Department is to increase the game time for our junior and senior female players. We are obligated to affording our females equal opportunities to play and develop similar to their male counterparts. We continue to explore multiple tournament formats that negates the geographical challenges associated with enabling teams from every corner of Guyana, being able to access and participate in a national Women’s Development League,” said Bryan Joseph, Technical Director (ag) of the GFF.

“We now look forward to getting out to the community venues and enjoy the competition. Obviously, there are more opportunities to scout and assess the talent within local football with the aim of expanding the elite player population.”

The playoff is sponsored by MVP Sports and Urban Life. The Women’s Development Football League was launched in June 2022 with 37 teams from across Guyana.

Women’s Football Association (WFA) President Andrea Johnson said the league is the most competitive and popular female tournament in Guyana and its continued success is linked to the commitment of the players, officials and strategic partnerships.

“Women’s Football Development is indeed on the rise in Guyana because of the commitment of the players and officials and strategic partnerships. The Guyana Football Federation and the Women’s Football Association will continue to work assiduously as we continue to foster the development of women’s football.”

The 12 clubs in the playoff are: Bartica All Stars FC, Potaro Strikers FC, Essequibo All Stars FC, Foxy Ladies FC, Milerock FC, Coomacka FC, Pakuri Jaguars FC, New Amsterdam United FC, Guyana Police Football Club, Guyana Defence Force FC, Fruta Conquerors FC and Santos FC.

The Women’s Development Football League is a pathway to the national programmes.

Players who impress coaches will be invited to train with the national teams. The championship match will be held on April 1, 2023.

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