‘The wound is still fresh’ but closure for Reonol Williams’ family after DNA test


By Sharda Bacchus


The family of Reonol Williams has finally found closure, albeit almost one year ago since his battered and decomposed body was found inside a trench at Coldingen, East Coast Demerara.

Though she never doubted that the decomposed body was his, the sister of the construction worker believes that she is now one step closer to getting justice having received the results from the DNA test which was sent overseas.

During an interview with the News Room on Friday, Sylvie Williams said she was informed by the Guyana Police Force on Wednesday about the results.

Sylvie described the moment as “bittersweet.”

“It’s a bittersweet moment…The police called me on Wednesday afternoon at about 3 o’clock and that’s how I know…They told me that the DNA testing was done….and it was my brother’s remains that were scooped out from Coldingen area,” Sylvie said.

She said from inception, she knew the body was Reonol’s.

“Initially, I knew that it was him but I had to wait so long, I became impatient at some point, but now I finally know that it’s him,” she told the News Room.

Fighting to hold back tears, Sylvie explained that the wounds from her brother’s death are “still fresh.”

“Since his death, I use to look out for him as usual although I knew that he died I would still look out for him…People who are not in the situation would think that time is quite long, that it should have been forgotten but it’s still fresh in me,” she related.

“You know when you are among your family members, everything would tend to die away after some time, but I am alone and to be alone going through this, is quite hard. Family members…they would be emotional, they would tend to show emotion by jumping up crying, that’s not it with me. I just feel the pain. I would shed a little tear, stop and that’s it,” Sylvie said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

The grieving sister told the News Room that she is hoping that the judicial system will deliver and justice will prevail.

“It’s a form of closure on my part but I am only hoping now that the judicial system do their part. I have no power to actually say ‘yes, I am going to get justice and I am going to take it into my hands’. I am only hoping that the judicial system do their part and I trust that everything goes well,” Sylvie noted.

Williams of Church Road, Enmore ECD, was reported missing in May 2022 and his family had desperately searched for him for more than two weeks.

An investigation was launched during which investigators received information that Williams was involved in an accident while exiting a taxi at Enmore and his body was dumped inside a trench in the vicinity of the Coldingen koker.

Police had arrested taxi driver, Daniel Melbourne, however, he maintained his innocence and was subsequently released on station bail.

But as the investigation progressed, Melbourne was re-arrested and within hours, he led detectives to where Williams’ body was dumped.

Melbourne was later charged with causing death by dangerous driving, along with several other offenses and was remanded to prison.

An autopsy revealed that Williams died as a result of multiple injuries due to a motor vehicle accident.

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