‘Don’t desecrate Phagwah celebrations’ – Dharmic Sabha


See below full statement issued by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha:

As we prepare to celebrate the beautiful and unifying festival of Phagwah , this year, the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha makes a strong appeal to persons to desist from associating Phagwah or Holi with any event that involves alcohol and vulgarity.
We have made this appeal yearly for our festivals to be respected and celebrated in the right way, maintaining the love, respect and dignity that goes with its observance.
Although there is a social and festive component, there should be nothing to taint the festival which is loved and celebrated by all.
We are happy to let the wider Hindu community know that we have addressed the many reports of these events that associate Phagwah with alcohol and lewd names and vulgar content and have been working along with the Guyana Police Force to reach out to these event organizers. The Guyana Police Force has been responsive and will work to ask those persons to desist from associating Phagwah, the name or celebration with any such event.
We again that our festival be respected as it continues to be wonderfully celebrated by all and continues to espouse unity.

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