Mason still unresponsive four days after Zeelugt accident


A 35-year-old mason is currently hospitalised in a critical condition after he was being stuck by a motorcar on the Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) Public Road.

Injured is Ramkisson Mangru of Building dam, Zeelugt North, EBE.

The News Room understands that the accident occurred around 11.12 hrs on Wednesday, March 01.

During an interview with the News Room on Sunday, the injured man’s sister, Sabita Mangru said he sustained massive head injuries and has not regained consciousness, even after emergency surgery.

Sabita explained that at the time of the accident, her brother was walking towards a taxi base to get a taxi to return home. “…and then is when they hit him,” she said.

In CCTV footage seen by the News Room, Ramkisson was walking on the left side of the public road when he was struck from behind by a motorcar.

Ramkisson was taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital but because of the seriousness of his condition, he was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

“His head was very swollen and he wasn’t responding. He wasn’t breathing on his own. His heartbeat was just there,” Sabita related.

She said her brother was subject to a series of tests including a CT scan which showed that he sustained a fractured skull and internal bleeding in his head. As such, emergency surgery was recommended.

“He went on operation for his head…. and still he wasn’t recovering. He didn’t know anything. They had to put him on ventilator and that was it from then to now. He’s still there. He’s not recovering. He’s not responding to any pain. He’s not moving anything. He’s just there on that machine,” the sister explained.

According to Sabita, the family last spoke to the doctor on Friday who reportedly indicated that Mangru will be monitored for 24 hours before an update is provided on his condition.

A police investigation has been launched into the accident.

However, Mangru told the News Room that she was informed that the driver has been released on $100,000 bail although the police assured her that he will be kept in custody until her brother recovers.

“He’s free on the road. He’s sleeping comfortably on his bed. My brother is critical in the hospital since when to now. He’s not regaining consciousness…. That’s so wrong,” she added.

According to Sabita, there is little hope that Ramkisson will recover fully. If he does, she said it is highly likely he will have long term complications.

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