Over 400 benefit from medical outreach by Food for the Poor


See below full press release from Food For the Poor:

Food for the Poor (Guy) Inc in collaboration with the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and the Baramita Health Centre held a two-day medical outreach under the Baramita Health and Hygiene Project from February 28-March 1, 2023 that catered for over four hundred (400) persons.

This outreach aimed at improving and extending the scope of health care in the community.

The project focused on providing access to basic health screening, health education and case management to the residents. It also provided the services of onsite doctors, onsite dentists, and the distribution of food hampers, oral hygiene kits and personal care packages to assist women and girls with their personal hygiene and grooming. Over the two (2) days, the doctors were able to look at an average of two hundred and forty (240) patients, while the dentist saw an average of one hundred and eighty (180). On average, the entire project saw a total of over four hundred (400) residents impacted over the two (2) days.

Many residents of Baramita turned out in large numbers, many walked as much as two hours to seek the services offered at the outreach. On both days, the Baramita Health Center was packed as the villagers showed great appreciation for the life-changing work done by Food For The Poor (Guy) Inc.

A number of residents benefited from the two-day outreach. [Food for the Poor (Guy) Inc/ March 03, 2023]

The residents of the community expressed great satisfaction with the timely intervention of Food For The Poor (Guy) Inc. They also thanked the organization and wished them well as they continue to aid communities across the country.

Speaking on behalf of the community, was Deputy Toshao of Baramita, Mrs. Onica Melbourne, who said, “I have to say I am very proud of what Food For The Poor (Guy) Inc is doing and I hope in the future they will continue to do more with us. This outreach will benefit people as they will now have the courage to come to the health center to look after themselves instead of being at home. I just want to say thank you to Food For The Poor (Guy) Inc once more, for the work they are doing.” Baramita, is a community in the Barima-Waini region of northern Guyana, standing about 20 miles west of Matthew’s Ridge, at an altitude of 99 meters (328 feet). It is inhabited by the Carib people and the village council is responsible for 22 satellite villages as well. It is the largest indigenous settlement in Guyana; it is plagued by a number of social and healthcare challenges.

The Guyana Human Rights Association in a recent report found that sexual violence, trafficking in persons, suicide and domestic violence are prevalent in the community.

This event was Funded by Food For The Poor (Canada) Inc and supported by SBM Offshore (who provided 200 children’s oral hygiene kits), Sterling Products Limited, and Marcia’s Flight Service.

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