Guyana needs at least 1,500 new healthcare workers in two years – Jagdeo


Several new hospitals will be opened across Guyana and the country’s Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo estimates that at least 1,500 new healthcare workers will be needed to satisfy demands.

The Vice President, speaking at a press conference on Friday last, highlighted the government’s plans to construct new hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the country.

While new infrastructure promises to improve people’s access to healthcare, the Vice President said that adequate human resources are necessary.

“We probably need 1,500 to 2,000 healthcare professionals in two and a half years once these hospitals are completed,” Jagdeo said.

He added that Guyana may need to import some workers to “manage and supply” the hospitals. India is one of the places where it is believed those workers can be sourced from.

But focus, Dr. Jagdeo added, will still be placed on training Guyanese to work at the hospitals and within the healthcare systems.

Beyond the focus on human resources, he noted that Guyana is in need of an electronic record management system for hospitals and assured the public that such a system will be implemented in the public health sector.

Labour concerns were deemed a “national complaint” by President Dr. Irfaan Ali recently. He, however, said the government was recruiting eligible workers from all across the country and working alongside re-migrants.

Training citizens is also viewed as a solution to resolve this issue.

Last week, local private sector representatives threw their support behind the idea of bringing foreigners to Guyana to support the ongoing rapid expansion of the economy.

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  1. Trevor Moses says

    so training is the best way to go

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