Bandits storm Enmore masjid, rob Imam & others during morning prayers


Two cutlass wielding bandits stormed the Anjuman Anwarul Islam Masjid at Enmore, East Coast Demerara on Tuesday and after carrying out a daring early morning robbery, escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash and a motorcycle.

The News Room understands that the robbery occurred around 5:15 hrs. At the time, four men including Imam Jai Hatim were present.

During an interview with the News Room, Hatim said he and the brothers were offering prayers when they were approached by the masked men who arrived on a motorcycle.

Hatim said a motorcycle was parked outside the masjid and the bandits asked for the “motorbike man”. The motorcycle belongs to Fiezool Ahamad.

“They walk in the masjid cool. They grabble the masjid key. A brother said dah is the masjid key, come me go give you the motorbike key and he go and give him the key,” Imam Hatim told the News Room.

Afterwards, the bandits then proceed to search their pockets and relieved them of the cash they had in their possession.

“They got a cutlass over everybody head searching they pocket and they tek the motorbike and go away,” Imam Hatim said.

“I didn’t know anything. Is when they feel me pocket then I open me eyes and I see one ah them got the cutlass over me head and searching me pocket,” he related.

The bandits made good their escape.

A report was made to the police at Enmore Police Station and an investigation was launched.

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