KFC in support of Fitness Challenge 2023


Beharry Restaurant Holdings Inc., through its KFC Guyana franchise, has joined the supporting cast for the Guyana Fitness Games’ Fitness Challenge 2023 on Sunday (March 12) at the National Park.

In release to the media, Marketing Manager of KFC Guyana, Pamella Manasseh, stated, “We at KFC Guyana are always on board to support sports and fitness. KFC Guyana has a history of sponsoring our local talent in this arena, and this event is just as special to us.”

The Marketing Manager further stated, “We look forward to an exciting and fruitful competition featuring our nation’s athletes and fitness enthusiasts.”

Noshavyah King, one of the coordinators of the event, expressed immense gratitude for the support of KFC Guyana.

She promised that patrons will be thrilled by a competitive day of mental and physical testing.

Male and female athletes will compete in three categories, namely Teens, Elites and Masters.

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