No longer must family feuds, neighbourly disagreements hinder road works – Edghill


Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill on Wednesday conducted a number of road and other project inspections in Region Two.

While there, the minister addressed several issues that have resulted in the stalling of infrastructural projects.

“We have had a new phenomenon…where people are objecting to building roads. Roads were awarded and then people in the community are objecting to where the road is passing,” Minster Edghill related.

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill meeting with regional officials and other stakeholders in Region Two. (Photo: Ministry of Public Works/ March 08, 2023)

He made the comment following inspection of a road project that was stalled, due to a resident claiming ownership and demanding compensation from the contractors before the project could proceed.

In disputed areas, where projects are to be completed, the minister said surveys will be conducted to bring speedy resolutions, so that the much-needed works are advanced.

Minister Edghill said these are clear examples of how disputes over property rights can lead to significant delays in infrastructure projects.

“We cannot allow, in Guyana, disagreements among people to hinder community development, we have to change our attitude. Neighbours who got bad blood with each other, people who got family feuds running forever should not use those instances and those things to prevent communities and a whole region from benefitting from development,” he urged.

The public works minister reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring development for all Guyanese, highlighting that significant funds are being expended in the region on these projects.

Minister Edghill also met with contractors in the region, to discuss the progress of the 122 priority roads which are currently under construction.

Minister Edghill was informed of the shortage of crusher run as a reason for some delay in projects. In this regard, he said the matter will be discussed with the engineering staff, as well as at the ministerial level, to seek a possible extension to the stipulated project deadline.

However, the minister said lengthy delays cannot be accepted.

In total, 261 roads were identified in Region Two for upgrades. (Extracted and modified from DPI.)

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