Over 500 persons to be trained under BIT this year

construction of new training centres expected


In an effort to meet the demand for skilled workers in the construction, mining and oil and gas sectors, new training facilities will be erected in regions across the country to upskill and train persons.

Labour Minister Joseph Hamilton on Thursday disclosed that this year, the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) hopes to train over 500 persons.

The minister explained that this is an effort to bridge the need for skilled persons in the aforementioned sectors.

Importantly, the minister said that women will be a major target for these programmes. Hamilton has continuously urged women to participate in these programmes and become skilled in areas that have been dominated by their men. Already, women are being trained in basic solar PV technology.

“This year we will attempt to train over 500 persons in the area of heavy-duty operation to satisfy mining and the construction and oil and gas,” the minister said.

Some of the women who enrolled in the energy diversification programme (Photo: Ministry of Labour/ October 17, 2022)

Last month, President Dr Irfaan Ali said that in the housing and building sector in Region Six alone, some 600 skilled or semi-skilled workers are needed to construct a minimum of 1,200 houses this year. This, the President said, can be extrapolated to illustrate the demand for labour across the country.

Minister Hamilton explained that when persons join these programmes offered free of cost by the government, these persons can train and work at the same time. The classes are facilitated in the evenings and also have a stipend or equipment kit that is given to the participants.

Importantly, for the first time, the Board of Industrial Training was allocated over $150 million to erect centres at New Amsterdam, Corriverton, Unity, and Bartica.

“Money was made available in the 023 budget to erect training centres with all the technical capabilities.

“The idea is people who already have a skill we will upskill them so that they can be certified and accredited,” Minister Hamilton said.

He explained that this is important because the prolific oil and gas sector has attracted many foreign companies to Guyana, all of which require highly skilled persons to work. He said that the government is continuing its pursuit in ensuring Guyanese secure these jobs.

Minister Hamilton also added that now, every region except Region Eight has Labour Offices where interested persons can find out more about these training programmes.

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