Repeat drunk driver obtains license from GRA despite permanent suspension in 2019


Donald Bradford, a 55-year-old resident of Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden who was involved in an accident on the Burnham Drive Public Road, Linden on February 28, 2023 while under the influence of alcohol, was on Wednesday charged for the offence and subsequently had his driver’s license permanently suspended.

Bradford, whose breath alcohol level read 112 and 101 micrograms at the time of the accident, appeared before Magistrate Wonda Fortune who read the charge to him.

The 55-year-old man pleaded guilty and was also fined $100,000 or six months imprisonment.

Bradford is a repeat offender of drinking and driving. In fact, his license was permanently suspended in 2019. However, Bradford on February 22, 2023 managed to falsely obtain a new driver’s license from the Guyana Revenue Authority after he reported that he had misplaced his license.

Bradford was charged on April 10, 2017 for the first time for driving under the influence, and he was fined $7,500.

In February 2019, Bradford was charged with the same offence for the second time, and he was fined $7,500 and his license was suspended for three months.

However, during April 2019, Bradford was once again charged with driving under the influence and operating a motor vehicle while his license was suspended. He was fined $7,500, his license was suspended permanently and he was sentenced to three months in prison.


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