Kuru Kururu man shot dead one day after telling police his ex-wife wanted to kill him


One day after he made an official report to the police, claiming that his ex-wife wanted to kill him, 59-year-old Brian Thomas of Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke-Linden Highway was attacked in his home and later found dead.

The incident occurred on March 08, two days after Thomas was released from custody where he was being held on a report from his ex-wife that he threatened to “chop her up” and kill her.

According to a statement from Police Headquarters, on March 06, the 60-year-old unemployed woman also of Kuru Kururu went to the Police Outpost and reported the threat on her life, prompting the arrest of Thomas.

The man was released from custody the next day and upon arrival at his house, he observed the front door open and the house ransacked.

Thomas reported an alleged break-in to the police and also claimed that his ex-wife wanted to kill him for his house and land.

One day after, on March 08 at about 23:45 hrs, a 30-year-old female of Grant Sand Road, Soesdyke went to the Timehri Police Station where she reported that at about 21:00 hrs, she went to Thomas’ home to pay for a quantity of blocks which she had ordered.

The woman told the Police that while standing at the bottom of the stairs, two unidentifiable men – one of them sporting large puffy hair – rushed past her from behind and went up the stairs.

She recalled hearing one of the perpetrators telling Thomas, “you eyes pass me.”

The woman immediately ran out of the yard and went to the Timehri Police Station and reported the incident. When the Police arrived on the scene, Thomas was seen lying motionless face down with his head pointing south and feet pointing north in the doorway of the second bedroom.

Police said two 9mm spent shells were found on the kitchen floor.

Investigations are ongoing.

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