Ariana’s Vision, Miss Universe among winners at Jumbo Jet’s ‘Opening Day Stakes’


Blessed with brilliant sunshine at the Rising Sun Turf Club on Sunday, the ‘Opening Day Stakes’ attracted a fair-sized crowd for the seven-race event.

Staged by the Jumbo Jet Thoroughbred Racing Committee, the event was headlined by an exciting victory by Ariana’s Vision of the Rising Sun Stables in the feature ‘D’ Class and Lower one-mile race, beating off competition from Looking to Heaven, Jessica’s Pride and Vera’s Finally in that order.

Miss Universe leads Lord’s Gift in the main supporting race (Photo: News Room/Avenash Ramzan/March 12, 2023)

The main supporting race, for ‘L’ Class Maidens and J3 first-time starters, was won by Miss Universe of the Slingerz Racing Stable, followed by Lord’s Gift and Black Cat in second and third respectively.

Other winners on the day were Black Time, Bank Note, Unsettled Heart, Princess Samiah and Early Bird.

Fans zoned in on the action on Sunday at the Rising Sun Turf Club (Photo: News Room/Avenash Ramzan/March 12, 2023)

Below are the summarised results of the day’s races

Race One- ‘K’ Class Maidens and Open ‘L’ Class (1,400m)

First– Black Time (Shocking Racing Stable)

Second– Hurricane Lane (Michael Hookumchand)

Third– Perfect Dream (Deleep Esreepersaud)

Fourth– War Time (S. Samaroo)

Race Two- ‘J’ Class and Lower (1,400m)

First– Bank Note (Dako Racing Stables)

Second– Cash Return (Buck and Randy Racing Stable)

Third– Foreign Link (Shocking Racing Stable)

Fourth– Danstar (Big G Lumber Yard)

Race Three- ‘H’ Class (1,400m)

First– Unsettled Heart (PHVH Racing Stable)

Second– Amicable Kate (T. Singh)

Third– Marconi (G. Ramnarine)

Fourth– It’s My Choice (G. Singh)

Race Four- Three-year old Guyana Bred Maidens (1,100m)

First– Princess Samiah (Jonathan Sheoraj)

Second– Top Gun (Gregory Bowman)

Third– Maximum Wave (Mahaicony Racing Stable)

Fourth– Hardcore (Martin Pestano)

Race Five- ‘F’ Class and Lower and ‘E’ Class first-time starters in Guyana (1,100m)

First– Early Bird (R&R Syndicate)

Second– Converter (Slingerz Racing Stable)

Third– Regal Intension (Jumbo Jet Racing Stable)

Fourth– Bossalina (Deleep Esreepersaud)

Race Six- ‘L’ Class Maidens and J3 first time starters (1,100m)

First– Miss Universe (Slingerz Racing Stable)

Second– Lord’s Gift (Totie Racing Stable)

Third– Black Cat (Club Neutral)

Race Seven- ‘D’ Class and Lower (One mile)

First– Ariana’s Vision (Rising Sun Stable)

Second– Looking to Heaven (Jumbo Jet Racing Stable)

Third– Jessica’s Pride (Night Eyes Racing Stable)

Fourth– Vera’s Finally (Jumbo Jet Racing Stable)

Next up on the calendar is a race meet at the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club on March 19.

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