Manickchand offers full support as protest ensues over assault of teacher at Fort Wellington


A protest ensued outside the Fort Wellington Secondary School on Tuesday, one day after a teacher was attacked and beaten by a student and his uncle.

Education Minister Priya Manickchand took to her Facebook page to offer full support to the affected teacher and all those aggrieved.

“… as soon as I had heard, I spoke to teacher Marlon Daniels of the Fort Wellington Secondary to find out what had happened.

“Upon learning of the details I offered my and the Ministry’s full support,” Manickchand said.

Daniels, a teacher at the Fort Wellington Secondary School in Region Five, was the victim of the alleged verbal attack and subsequent assault.

According to reports, the attack stemmed from a Grade 10 student using indecent language at the teacher which he then reported to the Headteacher.

The student walked out of the office and school, threatening to involve his uncle.

He was waiting at a copy center nearby with his uncle and a few of his uncle’s friends.

When the opportunity presented itself, the uncle allegedly restrained the teacher while the student beat him with a stick.

“There can be no reason offered that would be accepted as to why students or their relatives would beat a teacher. I expect the Guyana Police Force to act swiftly,” Manickchand said.

During the protest, the aggrieved teachers called for better security arrangements at schools.

  1. Patricia Pierre says

    How worst could children/parents/ teachers relationships become in schools. When would this all end? I empathize with Mr. Daniels and trust that. the proper systems would be put in place. Let justice be served.

  2. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    The minister has to introduce a bill in parliament to increase substantially penalties for this nonsense that is happening to teachers.

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