Young Kwakwani mother ecstatic over triplets but seeks help


A 25-year-old mother from Kwakwani along the Berbice River, delivered premature triplets safely at the Georgetown Public Hospital on February 28, despite it being a high-risk pregnancy.

Christine Hope gave birth to three sons –Akeem, Akeen and Akeeno – and even though it is a time to celebrate and enjoy her three boys, the young mother is seeking help.

Christine Hope and her brother

Born prematurely because the pregnancy was high-risk, the babies are still receiving care at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the hospital. This was Hope’s second pregnancy but she said it was very difficult and she had to be transferred from a hospital in Region Ten to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

During an interview with the News Room on Wednesday, the young mother said she is hopeful that her babies will be discharged from the hospital soon.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant until four months and after I found out, it was hard because I was thinking of my daughter. She hasn’t reached two [years old] as yet.

“I was scared because with her and all the responsibilities but then I thought about it and I went ahead with it,” Christine said.

Further, the mother said the time spent at the hospital was not horrible because she was treated well. Pregnancy pains, however, caused her great discomfort.

“The doctor, nobody wasn’t bad; they treated me good but the pregnancy was really bad but I came through,” she proudly said.

According to Hope, she started getting abdominal pains in January and she was admitted to the Kwakwani Hospital. Subsequently, she was transferred to the Linden Hospital Complex and finally, to the Georgetown hospital.

Christine Hope during her pregnancy

The young woman said upon the babies’ release from the hospital, she will return to her Kwakwani home. She is currently staying with family in Georgetown so she can make hospital trips on a daily basis.

The father of her sons and her family offer her support at this time but the mother said when she returns home, a woman she calls ‘mom’ will be assisting her.

Despite the joys of motherhood, Hope said he is worried about her brother who has a disability.

Her younger brother relies heavily on her for support. Because she is currently unemployed, providing for her children and her brother has become difficult.

“It does be very hard on me but I don’t have anybody he could go by so I take up the responsibility in doing what I have to do to look after him,” Hope said.

Further, Hope explained that her brother cannot move on his own which is why she is worried about how she will balance caring for her young daughter, her triplets and her brother when she returns home.

Anyone willing to help Christine can contact her on telephone number 699-5392

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