Guyana has to cooperate with many but Israel a good partner- Ambassador


Non-Resident Israeli Ambassador to Guyana, Itai Bardov, believes that Guyana has to cooperate with several countries and investors around the globe to usher in its new era of development.

He, however, pitched Israel as a good partner for Guyana.

“I think there is a growing understanding…that Guyana is in a process of transformation and to do that you have to bring in a lot of changes and to cooperate with investors around the world.

“…It’s a great advantage for Guyana that we come with our knowledge. We transfer our knowledge and we work with the Guyanese,” Bardov said during an interview with the News Room on Thursday.

The Ambassador keenly pointed out that Israel is known for its technology and innovation. Those have been used in various sectors and can be leveraged by Guyana as it attempts to expand and diversify its economy.

Further, Ambassador Bardov said the establishment of the Caribbean Community’s largest dairy farm in Guyana, a product of a burgeoning partnership between Israel’s LR Group and Guyana’s Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) is an example of what benefits can be derived when the two countries partner with each other.

Beyond knowledge transfer and technology sharing, Bardov said Israelis provide good financing terms. Those terms, according to him, are especially beneficial to developing countries like Guyana.

And the knowledge shared and financing provided are complemented by Israeli’s capacity-building efforts.

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