Nigel Williams, Lincoln Lewis to pay over $3M to Village Voice Inc. in copyright infringement case


The High Court has awarded more than $3 million in damages to the Village Voice Guyana Inc. media entity after it was found that its former Director, Nigel Williams and trade unionist, Lincoln Lewis infringed upon the company’s artistic work.

Williams and Lewis (the Defendants) were accused of using the company’s logo without authorisation, consent or licence.

They were also accused of using the company’s online and social media platforms without permission. Newspapers, printed as Village Voice News, were also sold without permission.

As such, the Claimant, represented by attorney-at-law- Teni Housty, argued that the actions of the defendants resulted in damage to the company. Several orders were sought from the Court to counter and/or mitigate that damage.

Justice Fidela Corbin Lincoln, in a ruling on January 23, found that Williams and Lewis violated the copyrights of the company and its sole shareholder, Morris Wilson.

According to the High Court Order, the Defendants were ordered to pay the company damages of $2,450 plus additional damages of $3 million.
The Court further ordered that the Defendants pay the Claimant costs of $250,000 within 30 days.

It was noted that failure to comply with the terms of the order will place the defendants in contempt of Court, liable to imprisonment or having their assets confiscated.

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