5-Y-O sets Cotton Field house on fire while playing with matches


A Cotton Field, Region Two (Pomeroon – Supenaam) family was brought to tears on Monday as they watched their house go up in flames.

Reports are that the fire was started by a five-year-old child who was earlier seen playing with matches.

It is believed that he took the matches and lit a mattress in the lower flat of the building.

The incident occurred at about 13:30 hours and within minutes six persons, including two children, were left homeless.

A one-month-old baby had become trapped in the building but was successfully rescued by a relative.

According to Tracy Devellier, she was by her neighbour’s house connected to their Wi-Fi and browsing the internet when her daughter-in-law ran over and told her that the house was on fire.

Tracey’s husband looks on at the remains of what they once called home.

Devellier said when she reached home, everything was engulfed inside the house.

Neigbhours immediately called the Anna Regina Fire Station, however, when firefighters arrived everything was lost.

“We lost everything. Pot, chairs, beds, generator, motorcycle everything went up in flames.

“This is the second time my son tried to burn the house down,” Devellier related.

The family is hoping that they will be able to rebuild. They will be seeking shelter by a neighbour friend. Anyone willing to help the family can contact the family on 693-6619.

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