Man who fell from mango tree dependent on elderly mother; pleads for help


Three months ago, part time farmer Randolph Ramnauth fell from a mango tree at his farm at Unity, Mahaica; since then, he has been unable to fend for himself.

Doctors determined that Ramnauth sustained spinal cord injuries, causing him to lose mobility from his waist down.

Since being discharged, Ramnauth has never made it back to the clinic since he can’t afford to pay an ambulance to transport him back and forth.

Since the incident, Ramnauth has been living with his mother, Angela Adams, 67, a pensioner, who takes care of him. The mother and son occupy a shack on the Herstelling Sea Dam area on the East Bank of Demerara.

And to get to and from the house is another challenge due to the condition of the dam to their home.

During an interview with the News Room on Tuesday, Ramnauth recalled how the incident took place.

Ramnauth believes that with the necessary help, he will be able to at least sit up.

“If I could get to go the hospital and go the Palms to do my therapy at least I will be able to sit down in a wheelchair and I could able to help me self but at present now I can’t do nothing.

“I feel terrible…bad…because I can’t do nothing…,” he said.

A section of the shack in which Randolph and his mother lives.

Ramnauth’s mother is doing the most she can to take care of him but she said that too is limited since she has a number of illnesses, including visual impairment.

The mother said she depends on her monthly pension to survive. But the money is not enough to provide all that is needed for Ramnauth such as pampers and daily medication. In fact, Adams said many days she and Ramnauth only eat one meal.

“I finding it very tough,” the woman said.

And on top of it all, they were also given a three month notice to vacate the land where they currently live. They were offered a turnkey home by the government but they said they cannot even afford that and now have to figure where they will take up residence once the time is up.

The family is desperately pleading with members of the public to assist in any way possible. Apart from monetary donations for Ramnauth’s medical expense, they said they are also accepting items needed to care for Ramnauth on a daily basis such as hygiene and pampers as well as food stuff.

Persons interested in helping Ramnauth can contact him on telephone numbers 686-4337 or 630-6534.

  1. Tony Beharry says

    This is ridiculous, why can’t the government help him. At least some oil monies can be spent on him, what happened to the £18,000,000 US dollars the very first income from oil, has the PNC returned the monies to the treasury? The monies that was stolen.

  2. Patricia Pierre says

    A mother’s love. God will bless you dear Angela for the sacrifices you are making for your son but you need so much more help. We do not always get life how we expect it to be. I do hope that there are persons out there who would be able to contribute to some of your needs. Hold the faith my dear sister and help will come your way in some way.

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