Neighbour recalls hearing pensioner screaming ‘murder, murder!’

--grandson arrested, maintained he took woman to the hospital


By Sharda Bacchus

As the Police probe continues into the death of 88-year-old Patricia ‘Patsy’ Bovell, a neighbour recalled her screaming ‘murder, murder!’ on Saturday night, a day before she was reported missing.

Bovell’s nude body was discovered by her niece on Wednesday morning, wrapped in a bedsheet and dumped in a pile of garbage opposite her Russell Street, Georgetown home.

“…I hear the hollering. So I leave and go in my daughter room on the right and I heard granny hollering ‘murder! murder!…After that, I didn’t hear anything no more,” Bovell’s neighbour, Sharon Mc Camal told the News Room on Wednesday.

The woman’s decomposed body was discovered around 10:30hrs; family members have been searching for her since Sunday.

A missing person’s report was subsequently filed with the Police.

Even though she heard Bovell screaming, Mc Camal said she did not sense anything was amiss. It wasn’t until the next day when she did not see or heard from Bovell that she became worried.

Patricia ‘Patsy’ Bovell lived in the upper flat of the house while her grandson lived on the lower flat (Photo: News Room/March 22, 2023)

Mc Camal would usually cook for the elderly woman.

“…The morning fah collect her breakfast and I didn’t see her. I look the midday…Go to church and come back [and] nothing, the afternoon. In the night, nothing and then I call she granddaughter and they mek the report,” the woman told the News Room.

Mc Camal related that she last saw Bovell on Saturday. She said they spoke and Bovell thanked her for preparing the daily meals for her.

“…I saw the lady (Bovell) Saturday night because I carry over she dinner… Like 3 something the morning,” Mc Camal said.

The News Room was reliably informed that after the woman’s niece visited her on Sunday and did not see her, she enquired from the grandson, Yannick Gilpin, 27, about her whereabouts.

And, Gilpin claimed that he took Bovell to the Georgetown Public Hospital in a taxi since she wasn’t feeling well.

Checks were then made at the hospital for Bovell but officials there could not account for her.

As such, based on the missing person’s report, the Police arrested Gilpin.  He was questioned and maintained that her took her to the hospital.

But on Wednesday morning, the investigation took a turn after one of Bovell’s cousin recalled getting a stench from an alleyway opposite the house.

The family checked and the gruesome discovery was made.

However, due to the state of decomposition, investigators were unable to ascertain whether Bovell’s body bore any marks of violence.

Bovell lived alone in the upper flat of the house which she shared with Gilpin. She has one daughter who resides overseas.

Her body is currently at the Memorial Garden funeral home awaiting a post-mortem examination.

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