Ogle Day Care under fire for child’s death claims this is the first incident in 27 years


A pastor and his wife are the administrators of the Little Learners Day Care at Ogle, East Coast Demerara, which is currently under investigation following the death of a seven-month-old girl on Tuesday.

Pastor Eric Benn spoke with reporters on Wednesday while his wife was away cooperating in several active investigations.

He explained that the facility has been in operation for the last 27 years and they never encountered such an incident.

Haemorrhaging, suffocation and compression to the neck have been determined to be the causes of death for Oriya Gravesande, according to an autopsy conducted on Wednesday.

“This thing got me feeling weak and upset. I don’t know exactly what to do,” Pastor Benn said. He was not at home at the time of the incident.

He told reporters that the facility was inspected last week by officials of the Childcare and Protection Agency and they were in the process of implementing recommended changes to better accommodate the children.

“Last week Childcare was here and said do over the floor and tables,” Benn added, noting that the day care usually accepts nursery and primary school children but are flexible with parents of younger children.

He claimed the toddler was still alive when she left the day care and taken to a nearby health centre.

“I am very sad and sorry of what happened.

“But the thing is, how the child suffocate? How?” he quizzed.

The News Room understands that the baby girl was found unresponsive at the day care and taken to a health centre where medical professionals attempted to resuscitate her about eight times.

The healthcare workers there subsequently called an ambulance from the Georgetown Public Hospital but it seemed too late.

The child was pronounced dead at the city’s main hospital minutes after she was brought in.

The child’s father, Odysseus Clement and the mother are now turning to the Police for assistance to investigate the child’s death since they believe officials at the day care are culpable.


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