Peace of mind for businesses, gov’t agencies as businessman designs robots to improve services 


With greater access to the internet and technology in Guyana following the full liberalisation of the telecommunication sector in 2020, Guyanese businessman Andre Robinson is hoping to help state agencies and businesses to bridge the digital divide.

Through his business – Modernize IT Solutions (MITS) – the tech expert says he is offering “peace of mind” to the users of his services by leveraging an intelligent Wi-Fi system to provide greater security while boosting marketing, advertising and collecting feedback.

And on a more sophisticated level, Robinson is designing robots to be used across Guyana with the aim of improving service delivery in several sectors including healthcare and education.

Businessman Andre Robinson

Robinson left Guyana as a teen and lived for many years in Africa and the United States of America.

With over 20 years’ experience in the technology field and currently serving as an advisor to government agencies in New York and New Jersey on IT solutions, he is hoping to use some of his skillset, experience and knowledge to confront the task of transforming Guyana’s technological landscape to international standards.

Launched in December 2022, the business currently offers an intelligent Wi-Fi system, providing sophisticated levels of security for corporate data and people connected to the Wi-Fi of companies and agencies.

“So currently the services we offer, we have an intelligent Wi-Fi system. So basically, with this system any business that shares their Wi-Fi with their guest, for example a restaurant, it can be used for several purposes but the main purpose is security.

“… because with the Wi-Fi password, if anyone knows the login to get to the backend of the Wi-Fi system, they can get in there and do some malicious activity,” he explained.

The intelligent Wi-Fi system, Robinson says, can also be used by local businesses for marketing, advertising and collecting feedback.

“You can use your Wi-Fi to connect to those people who are using it. So, you make it a process whereby they have to see an ad before they can use the Wi-fi… you can also use it for marketing.

Robinson is also leveraging artificial intelligence and is in the process of designing robots to help with the overall improvement to service delivery.

He believes these bots can help students learn, help doctors educate patients, and customer service agents provide information.


Also, to assist businesses that provide customer services, he proposes the use of a chat companion feature ‘AskLisa’ but said the vision is beyond that level one type of support.

“And it talks to you by the way. We are actually developing a robot right now that actually speaks. So, you can talk to it, you don’t have to type… we will be able to support up to 20 languages.”

According to Robinson, altogether his business is aimed at offering its users peace of mind.

“We have a very big vision… but because we are new, we are starting small… we want to ensure we can maintain quality of service so as we grow, we will expand and bring new services to the market.”

Robinson has joined the advocacy for accessible internet in every part of Guyana and says he stands ready to help Guyanese better manage their affairs and monetize the internet while accessing better security options.

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