Body at Leguan foreshore: Woman died from blunt trauma to the head, compression to the neck – PME


Roma Dookeran, the overseas-based Guyanese woman, whose body was found at the Leguan foreshore one week ago, died from brain hemorrhage due to blunt trauma to head and compression to the neck.

Police Commander of Region Three, Mahendra Sewnarine confirmed the findings of the autopsy which was conducted on Friday morning.

According to Sewnarine, the Police are now treating Dookeran’s death as a murder. No arrest has yet been made.

According to Police Headquarters, the woman’s nephews, Manoj Seree, a 45-year-old driver from Essequibo Coast and Baishan Lall Kuarlall, a 45-year-old Medical Doctor of Herstelling, East Bank Demerara, have positively identified the woman’s body to be that of their aunt, a 68-year-old retired Manager of Canada.

The semi-nude body of Dookeran was discovered at around 08:00 hrs on March 18 at the Leguan foreshore. The discovery was made one day after relatives dropped her off at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

Dookeran was scheduled to travel back to Canada on March 17; she had visited Guyana the week before to conduct business.

“We can confirm that indeed she was dropped off at the airport,” Sewnarine told the News Room on Friday.

The News Room understands that the Police found CCTV footage showing the woman at the airport and efforts are being made to scrub through more footage to determine how Dookeran made her way back to Leguan.

The Police reported that the woman’s nephew, Saree, claimed that he dropped her off at the airport at around 22:45 hrs to catch a flight on American Airlines back to Canada.

After learning that she had not arrived home and her whereabouts were unknown, they decided to make checks at the Ezekiel Funeral Parlour since the body recovered (a photo of which was posted on the Police Force’s Facebook Page) bore a resemblance to their missing aunt.

The woman was staying at Perth Village on the Essequibo Coast.

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