Guyanese ‘bunjal’ curry being served in British Airways lounges


British Airways will recommence flights between Guyana and the United Kingdom (UK) from March 27, 2023, but ahead of that scheduled flight, it has gone ahead to begin serving Guyanese bunjal curry to its passengers.

London-based Guyanese chef, Patrice Hinds, has been on a mission for several years to bring the taste of Guyana to the UK and was selected to prepare the delicacy for the airline.

In a post on his Facebook page Friday morning, Chef Hinds announced the venture and said it will be a limited-edition menu item. And to celebrate the inaugural flight next Monday, Patrice and team will be at British Airways Galleries Lounge im London to chat with customers about the dish, Guyana, and their famous wiri wiri chilli pepper and other sauces.

“We are thrilled to announce that we have collaborated with [British Airways] to celebrate the inaugural direct flight to Guyana…The Bunjal Chicken Curry from Pat & Pinky’s has been served at British Airways Galleries lounges, First lounge and Concorde Room throughout the month of March,” the post read.

London-based Guyanese chef, Patrice Hinds

Hinds is the founder and owner of Pat & Pinky’s; Pat is the short form for Patrice and Pinky is the name he remembers his mother being called growing up, reportedly because of her striking rosy cheeks.

Pinky was a fantastic cook and when she passed away, Hinds found that one of the things she left him with was the skill to cook great tasting food.

After a successful 25-year career of running his own marketing company in the UK, Hinds felt that time to refocus his energies and follow his passion whilst taking time out to be with his father in Guyana; he was inspired to create a range of sauces that celebrate the dazzling Guyanese cuisine.

This cultural blend provided the framework for a distinct and unique Guyanese cuisine centred around the wiri wiri chili pepper also known as the “Guyana Chili” or the “Flava Chili”.

It is the Chef’s belief that these sauces can shine a light on the unique culture of his homeland whilst also supporting local farmers and the economy. (Kurt Campbell)

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  1. Pearl Miles says

    I’m a born Guyanese and there is no such thing as a wiri wiri chilli pepper!!! Y’all need to stop diluting our culture with nonsense…

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