Chesney man detained by Police while house goes up in flames


A Chesney, Berbice man remains baffled Monday morning about his arrest on Saturday night while his house burnt.

The man, Safraz Mursalin, was not at home when the fire started.

“… I got a phone call (at around 22: 30 hrs) from a family friend that the house was on fire. I was not at home, I went to help my aunt at 64 village. I was gonna spend the night there,” he said.

He had lived in the house since 2001.

Mursalin explained that he arrived, the house was destroyed, with the Guyana Fire Service still battling the blaze.

Mursalin, however, expressed frustration that the Police arrested him when he arrived and only released him Sunday morning. He said there was no mention by the Police of the reason for his arrest.

“When we ask, they didn’t tell me why they lock me up. Whole night they got me in the lock-up. It’s just added stress.”

One relative said the Police claimed that that they received information that there is a dispute over the property but the relative said is far from the truth and that there is no dispute.

The remains of the house where Safraz Mursalin lived since 2001.

“We still want to know the reason why the Police arrest him last night. They still can’t tell us why. All you hearing is the Commander said to lock he up. …they saying they heard that there is a dispute over the house but that’s not true. This is his mother-in-law place. So we see need answers,” the relative Sid.

The News Room understands that the fire started in the back room in the upper flat of the three-bedroom house. However, Mursalin said that there are no electrical outlets or plugs in that room and that he left no electrical appliance on before he left the house.

It was only last year that a driver crashed his vehicle into the fence of property, killing himself in the process and damaging the fence and Mursalin’s parked car.

“Me na done with that yet, car still in the workshop yet…I took out the seat to go and spray the car and the seat and everything burn up…money, documents all burnt,” he said.

Mursalin said he is open to assistance of any kind that will assist him to get back on his feet. Persons willing to assist can make contact with Samantha on 629-0143.

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