Sexual harassment, discrimination in workplace not being reported- Gender Equality Commission


Although previous calls have been made, incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace are not being reported.

Chairperson of the Women and Gender Equality Commission Indranie Chandarpal is reminding persons that systems are in place to address these incidents.

“The problem we have is that there are discrimination or sexual harassment at workplaces…but no one is bold enough to prepare to come forward,” Chandarpal told reporters at the sidelines of an event on Thursday.

Too often, Chandarpal said the victims in these cases would choose to withdraw their complaint and/or leave their job in fear of being victimised.

“We said if you are a victim of sexual harassment just put a letter, don’t sign your name, tell us which area it is happening. We find that two women only came forward and when the point was for (them) to come and meet with a group of social workers that were there, (they) called and said (they) decided to quit the job because t(hey were) fearful of what can eventually happen,” Chandarpal explained.

Chandarpal assured that once a complaint is made, the necessary steps will be taken and consequence will follow.

“It is something that we know that is happening but we also want those who are engaged in sexual harassment and harassing women at the workplace or men, that they should be mindful that there is a mechanism or there is an organisation, there is a process which they can follow,” she said.

“One it happens we want to tell the public that it will be treated in the strictest confidence and they don’t have to worry that they will be penalised in any way,” Chandarpal noted.

Section 2 of the Prevention of Discrimination Act of 1997 defines sexual harassment as “unwanted conduct of a sexual nature in the workplace or in connection with the performance or work which is threatened or imposed as a condition of employment on an employee or which creates a hostile working environment for the employee.

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