Powerlifting Federation announces national shortlist of athletes for 2023


The Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) has announced its national shortlist of athletes for 2023. These athletes have ALL satisfied the criteria, which includes achieving the required totals based on the Federation’s minimum standards, published in November 2022.

Males Open (Classic)

  1. Dominic Tyrrell                      – 74kg
  2. Kheon Evans                          – 83kg
  3. Carlos Petterson-Griffit         – 93kg
  4. Wazim Mohamed                   – 93kg
  5.  Leroy Trotman                      – 93kg
  6. Bjorn Williams                       – 105Kg

Male Equipped (Open)

  1. Timothy Bagla                         – 74kg
  2. Carlos Petterson-Griffit         – 93kg
  3. Fazim Abdool                         – 120kg

Masters (Classic)

  1. Franklyn Brisport-Luke         – 66kg
  2. Richard Fredericks                – 74kg
  3. Marlon Wilson                       – 93kg
  4. Roger Rogers                        -120kg

Masters (Equipped)

  1. Franklyn Brisport-Luke         – 66kg
  2. Edwin Gordon Spencer          – 93kg
  3. Farouk Abdool                        -120+kg

Female Open (Classic)

  1. Sarah Sanmoogan                  – 66kg
  2. Keisha Abrigo                         – 76kg

Female Masters (Classic)

  1. Nadina Taharally                  – 76kg
  2. Lalita Bridgemohan               – 76kg

Male Junior (Classic)

  1. Dominic Tyrrell                      – 74kg
  2. Romeo Hunter                       – 83kg
  3. Shoib Kayume                        – 83kg

Total: 18

Males: 14


Male (Open Classic) – 10

Male (Open Equipped) – 3

Male (Masters Classic) – 4

Male (Masters Equipped) – 3

Female (Open Classic) – 2

Female (Masters Classic) – 2

In addition to the eighteen (18) short-listed athletes, there are eleven (11) athletes who have NOT made the required minimum totals and will have up to the last local competition prior to any proposed International engagement to make the minimum total to qualify.

Those athletes are:

Males Open (Classic)

Dwayne Welch 59kg Classic Open
Kadeem Bowen 66kg Classic Open
Matthew Maycock 83kg Classic Open
Joseph Stoll 93kg Classic Open, M2
Paul Meusa 105kg Classic Open
John Edwards 120kg Classic Open
Yogaishawar Seecharan 120+kg Classic Open, Junior

Male Open (Equipped)

Navindra Tamasar 66kg Equipped Open

Females Open (Classic)

Junica Pluck 69kg Classic Open

Ashlie Abraham 76kg Classic Open
Sherene Williams 84kg Classic Open

Only athletes who have satisfied the criteria will be considered for national selection.

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